Warning for iPhone users: Don’t click on “OK

A video, which went viral on TikTok, warned iPhone users of the dangers of clicking notifications that come from third parties.According to Sky News Arabia, which has 23 million followers, Jamie Nyland posted a video revealing a deceptive message reaching Apple’s phones.The message, which appears as a “small window”, read: “Virus warning! Your iPhone has been infected with a potential virus! Click the “OK” button to check your phone now. “”If you see this message on your phone, turn off your phone immediately,” Nyland said.”If you touch anything on the screen, you get hacked,” he added. Nyland did not reveal how clicking on “ok” would lead to the hack.The Sun newspaper stated that it was clear that the source of the message was not Apple, adding: “If we check it, we will note its lack of edges that accompany the original company’s messages, and its background is not bright.”Although it is difficult to protect yourself from complex cybersecurity attacks, experts at least advise constantly updating phone operating systems, as they contain the latest anti-hackers protection elements.

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