Who is the new Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Finally, after 15 rounds of voting, Republican Kevin McCarthy was elected president of the United States House of Representatives, ending a mechanism that until its end saw high tensions in the ranks of the Republican Party.

President Joe Biden congratulated McCarthy on Saturday and called on him to “govern responsibly and for Americans”, expressing his willingness to work with Republicans and that voters were waiting for Republicans to be ready to work with him.

This ended in chaos that Congress has not seen in more than 160 years, foreshadowing very active debates in Parliament in the next two years.

Who is McCarthy:

Kevin McCarthy was born in Bakersfield, California, on 26 January 1965.

He studied business administration at the University of California.

He became a lawmaker in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2007 for the first time.

He became leader of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives in 2014.

He was an early supporter of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential run.

He was appointed Leader of the Republican Minority in the House of Representatives in 2019.

After Biden’s 2020 election victory, McCarthy endorsed Trump’s position of denying Biden victory and participating in legal efforts to invalidate the results.

McCarthy later condemned the Capitol break-in by Trump supporters in 2021.

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