A Sudanese-Algerian trade agreement

Mr. Kamal Rizeq, Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Special Envoy of the President of Algeria, accompanied by Mr. Mourad Assad, Ambassador of Algeria to the Sudan and Mr. Mekraj Salim, Writer and Adviser for Foreign Affairs of Algeria, Ministry of Commerce and Supply.

As the gatherers confirmed.. Algeria’s potential in the areas of capacity-building and vocational training should be utilized.

It is important to coordinate between the two countries in regional and international trade organizations and to propose the signing of an agreement or memorandum of understanding with an executive protocol in the fields of trade, the establishment of Sudanese Algerian companies in the Sudan, participation in trade and specialized exhibitions and forums, and the creation of an effective role for the private sector in the two countries through the formation of a joint council of businessmen with the aim of raising trade and exchanging experiences and creating a smart partnership between the two countries and raising import and export rates.

Minister Kamal Rizeq of Algeria expressed his pleasure at receiving the delegation’s Minister of Commerce and affirmed his desire to increase the opportunities for trade between the two countries. He also stressed the existence of transformative industries that could benefit the Sudan by manufacturing raw materials and exporting them as a product on behalf of the Sudan.

He emphasized Algeria’s participation in the Khartoum International Fair at its next session in January 2023 with Algerian institutions, companies and products.

The Riziq Club, with the help of businessmen, activates the Business Council to exploit optimal opportunities for investment and increase the volume of trade.

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