Arab Organization for Agricultural Development organizes a training course on food safety

The Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) opened the country-specific training course entitled “Requirements of Food Safety Management Systems for Enterprises in the Food Chain” in accordance with standard ISO 2018-22000, which is being implemented by AOAD from its regional office in the Central Region of Cairo via video technology.

The 5-day course aims to identify the basic conditions and activities for food safety necessary to maintain a healthy environment throughout the food chain suitable for the safe production and handling of finished products and the provision of safe food for human consumption.

The course addresses a number of topics related to determining the requirements of the Food Safety Management System to enable an enterprise that is directly or indirectly involved in the food chain through planning, implementation, operation and maintenance, updating the products and services of the Safe Food Safety Management System in line with intended use, demonstrating compliance with applicable legal and regulatory food safety requirements, evaluating mutually agreed food safety requirements with customers and establishing their conformity, as well as well as effectively communicating food safety issues within the food chain.

For example, a small farm, small packing distributor, small retail outlet or food services to implement externally developed elements of its financial management system and ensure that the organization complies with its food safety policy to establish conformity with the relevant stakeholders and request a certificate or registration of its safety and security management system by an external organization, self-assessment or self-declaration of conformity with this document.

The course also includes presentation of terms equivalent to conditionality procedures: good agricultural practices (GAP), good veterinary practice (GVP), good manufacturing practices (GMP) and good health practices (GHP).

Good production practices (GPP), good distribution practices (GDP) and good trade practices (GTP).

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