Ardol calls in (PDAC) for investing in Sudan’s mining

The Director General of the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Ltd. Mubarak Abdel Rahman Ardol, described the International Mining Exhibition and Conference (PDAC), currently being held in Toronto, Canada, as an important economic event for including the largest mining exhibitions in the world.

Ardol, who is participating in the global event as part of the Sudanese delegation representing the mineral sector, presented a valuable paper on the country’s enormous potential, wealth and resources and the great investment opportunities in the field of mining, reviewing the investment climate and its attraction by the supportive regulations and legislation that focus on customs exemptions, fees recovery, and early exploration and production, in addition to the diversity amd economic reserves of the Sudan’s minerals.

He extended invitation to the Canadian investors, businessmen and others to enter into the investment experience in the mineral sector in Sudan pointing to the incentives offered by the government to foreign investors to build economic relations that benefit both parties.

The paper presented by Ardol found an extensive discussion in which many questions were raised about contractual and geological plans, for which Ardol provided transparent answers, pointing to coordination and harmony within the Ministry of Minerals and the positive effects of that in the mining sector.

Ardol reviewed the the successes achieved by the Sudanese Mineral Resources Company Limited during the last period and the repercussions of these successes on increasing of the gold productivity, which became at top of Sudan’s foreign exports.

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