Chinese Ambassador in Khartoum: We are working on agricultural investment in the Sudan

The Chinese Ambassador to the Sudan, Mr. Ma Shin Min, stressed that his country was working to strengthen cooperation in the field of the Sudan’s food infrastructure, drilling projects and ensuring the efficient functioning of livestock centres.

Mr. Ma Shin-min announced during a press enlightenment in Khartoum that China would encourage more Chinese companies to invest and do business in Sudan’s agriculture sector.

Accelerate the progress of major cooperative projects such as slaughterhouses in Khartoum, deepen bilateral cooperation in the energy and mining sectors and build Sudan’s ports, shipping facilities and airports for the full utilization of Sudan’s resources.

Economic Recovery:

This was due to the economic recovery and well-being of the two peoples, on the one hand, that China would take concrete steps to strengthen the governance of global food security.

He noted that despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus, his country had maintained cooperation with the Sudan and demonstrated that more than 130 Chinese companies had done business in the Sudan.

The Ambassador also welcomed the Sudan’s support for the one-China principle and the consideration of Taiwan as an integral part of Chinese territory. The position of the Sudan supported China’s efforts to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The move also strengthens mutual political trust between the parties while breaking China’s commitment to the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of States.

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