Community and environmental tourism workshop in Port Sudan

The State of the Red Sea witnessed the deliberations of the community and environmental tourism workshop carried out by the Sudanese Development Organization (Sudya) in cooperation and coordination with the Supreme Council for Tourism, Investment and the General Administration of Wildlife under the project to strengthen Sudanese reserves.

The workshop discussed specialized working papers by the local community, banks, partners and interested in the field on opportunities for financing tourism activity, including: Red Sea Tourism – Legislation – Investment Opportunities – Ecotourism and Economic Circulation – Community Tourism – Ecotourism Opportunities in the Reserve – Sustainable Development) In addition to the paper (Sudia) on the preservation of biodiversity, it also included papers and challenges facing the tourism sector.

The workshop reviewed models of the tourism industry’s strategies inside and outside the Sudan in the aspects of communities, biodiversity and sustainable tourism development.

The workshop produced proposals for action plans for the development of community and environmental tourism through consultation and coordination between the workshop participants’ working groups.

With regard to the importance of the workshop, the representative of the State Government, Mr. Rabah Fadel Karim, stressed the State Government’s interest in investment issues by focusing on the tourism sector, stressing the need to give attention to preparing feasibility studies and work hard and to provide the ingredients for the implementation of investment projects to achieve the desired objectives.

For her part, Samia Ushik, Secretary-General of the state’s Supreme Council for Tourism and Investment, addressed the distinctive location of the state in the local and national tourism map and the regional and global tourism map, calling for further interventions to develop infrastructure and community development, develop tourism attractions, promote the promotion of the tourism industry and achieve sustainable development goals.

Speeches by the Organizing Committee, the Sudan Development Initiative and the Project Manager for the Promotion of Sudanese Reserves addressed the workshop’s objectives and role in highlighting the concerns and issues of tourism and proposals for solutions and coordinating partners’ efforts to promote the tourism industry as a renewable economic resource.

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