Conclusion of the workshop on the impact of climate change on the agricultural sector

The Quran Holiday Villa Hotel concluded a workshop (the impact of climate change on the agricultural sector in both vegetable and animal areas), which came at the initiative of the Federation of African Farmers, the membership of the Sudan, and the sponsorship of the Ministries of Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock, which concluded its work and issued its recommendations.

The workshop recommended identifying the impact of interventions that promote the resilience of the agricultural sector in both vegetable and animal areas on the economic and social situation and identifying interventions that have been made to reduce the spread of diseases as a result of climate changes.

The recommendations emphasized the increased role of agricultural extension for the transfer of technologies, the review of the agricultural map of agricultural crops according to climate change variables, and recommended that the workshop pay attention to agricultural research and modern convergences and the application of technical packages in the agricultural areas of the rainforest sector, as well as the implementation of agricultural and animal production projects with the assistance of African farmers.

The recommendations called for the restructuring of agricultural research based on the Sudan’s climatic regions and the variables occurring in these climatic regions, as well as the intensification of environmental extension.

The recommendations underscored the importance of the African Farmers’ Union’s contribution, in cooperation with Sudanese agronomists, to providing training opportunities.

The workshop also recommended a land-use map and pasture cultivation by scattering pasture seeds.

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