Economic researcher stresses the need to balance items for the local environment

Dr. Haitham Mohammed Fathi, an analyst and economic researcher, said that the government’s recent balancing of the items is most suitable for the local administrative environment of Sudan and is one of the best systems in place, but governments have not paid attention to them.

New forms of budgets have evolved considerably and this does not mean that we do not want to apply zero balance or balance performance and programs on central government agencies that have not been updated to keep pace with modern budgets.

Dr. Haitham Mohammed Fathi stated in a press statement that the tragedy is the fact that the Sudan never takes the radical root solution, but rather the moderate compromise, namely tranquilizers and temporary painkillers.

The result is that the crisis worsens and accumulates further, and Haytham stressed the importance of activating the role of budgets in achieving the desired goals using the best global practices in preparing budgets through the use of modern scientific management methods in the fields of government administration, and in order to ensure that the government unit implements its duties efficiently and effectively and that it increases attention to the quality of the government service and the need to upgrade it and improve its oversight.

Dr. Haitham pointed out that over the years, Sudanese governments have not taken radical solutions because they are often non-populist and disagreed with.

Solutions for which there was a high political price would be difficult for Governments to endure and Governments would therefore consider maintaining a State’s stability, but in the long run that would not produce a developed State.

Dr. Haitham referred to factors affecting Sudan’s balances, including foreign exchange rate and inflation rate.

The system of items in the preparation of the budget for expenditure appropriations, without giving political attention to the objectives and economic and social returns of expenditure, or to linking inputs from available resources and outputs from targeted benefits.

Nor does the budget system pay sufficient attention to expected performance as well as activities that ensure access to expected performance.

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