France is the largest buyer of Sudanese Arabic gum

France has bought almost half of Sudan’s recent Arabic gum production, importing only US $ 54.2 million worth of gum, which, according to the Bank of Sudan, is more than half of what all major industrialized countries have purchased.

Between January and September, the Sudan exported 98 thousand metric tons of gum, of which 33 A and 567 metric tons of hibiscus gum and 56,000 and 180 metric tons of salt gum. The total revenues issued for these amounts amounted to US $129.1 million.

The quantities issued during the third quarter of this fiscal year are about 25 tons higher than the country’s exports in the same period last year 2021.

According to the statistical summary of Sudan’s foreign trade issued by the Central Bank of Sudan on a quarterly basis.

The United States of America was the second most important trade for Arabic gum stylists, buying $19.3 million and then Germany worth $13 million and the United Kingdom worth $10.6 million.

Combined, the major industrialized countries have invested US $103 million, making them an important trading partner for this strategic commodity.

Other European States value US $3.1 million.

Asian countries Sturt Arabic gum equivalent to $14.2 million.

The Arab States had $ 4 million, and COMESA had purchased only $ 103 thousand.

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