Free Zone Manager Investment Domain is going excellent

Mr. Abdelaziz Aboubakar, Director of the Sudanese Free Zones and Free Markets Company, stressed that the investment process is proceeding in an excellent manner and the recent difficulties arise in the context of the difficulties facing the entire national economy and not in the free zones.

He said in a press release that the Sudanese Company for Free Zones and Markets retains all the legal rights necessary for investors in free zones.

He denied any direction for investors to leave the free zones, explaining that businessman Abdul Rahman Abbas pushed a letter to terminate his lease with the free zone, stressing that this person did not engage in business or industrial work in the free zone but rent his warehouses built in the free zone of others and when he failed to pay the free zone benefits, the free zone authorities asked him through his delegate to attend the presidency to find a payment solution.

Abdulaziz added that the doors of the company are open to discuss all the difficulties and problems encountered in any activity within the free zone.

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