Government intends to support food security strategy

The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Jibril Ibrahim has expressed government trend to support the strategy of achieving Arab food security by increasing production in the fields of sugar and vegetable oil manufacturing and strengthening support for the employment of the comparative advantages that Sudan enjoys in the aforementioned areas to serve the goals of the strategy.

The minister affirmed, during his meeting Sunday at his office with the Head of the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID) Mohamed Bin Obaid AL-Mazrouei, the government’s attention to increase the areas planted with crops in order to augment the production and manufacture of sugar, referring to the desire of the government to support small peanut producers in the states with comparative advantages, reiterating the state’s concern with the provision of production inputs to enhance the capabilities of the agricultural sector with what achieves the goals of the state in implementation of the Arab and international food security strategy.

Dr. Ibrahim stressed the importance of the AAAID role in supporting the state’s efforts in developing the agricultural sector, increasing investments in it, and supporting the efforts to achieve food security for the benefit of all participating parties.

For his part, AL-Mazrouei affirmed the AAAID commitment to developing investment and building more successful Arab partnerships in the agricultural sector to increase agricultural production and industrialization.

It is worth mentioning that 64% of the AAAID investments were implemented in the country of headquarters, Sudan.

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