Industry and Trade Welcomes a Visiting US Delegation with Investment Opportunities in Khartoum

Eng. Amin Hassan Abdulbanat, Director General of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Khartoum, received a delegation of investors from the United States of America to visit Sudan during these days in coordination with the Federation of Arab Exporters and Importers of Khartoum Office to learn about the country’s investment opportunities.

The Ministry reviewed the joint meeting, which included representatives of the Investment Promotion Commission in Khartoum State and in the presence of a delegation from the Arab Exporters’ and Importers’ Union under the chairmanship of Dr. Mohammed Abdulrahman Abr presentation of all investment opportunities available in Khartoum State in the field of industrial industry and infrastructure of industrial areas to the delegation of American investors and the presentation revealed an upward increase in investment in Khartoum’s national and foreign states in the areas of industrial and agricultural investment, fish farming and services, most notably in pharmaceutical industries, In the meantime, the United States delegation commended the investment opportunities in Sudan and the possibility of transferring technology and knowledge from America to it for further cooperation in various fields.

For its part, the Investment Promotion Commission pledged during the meeting in the presence of directors of the General Department of Industry, the Director of Industrial Zones and the Director of Human and Financial Resources, Pledged to overcome all obstacles that could confront the investor in Khartoum State The Directors of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Investment Promotion Commission briefed the delegation on all steps taken to obtain an opportunity to invest in different areas and confirmed at the joint meeting that the Sudan remained secure and had great opportunities for foreign investment.

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