Launching of Russian and Sudanese artistic discussions in Moscow

The Russian capital Moscow launched the Sudanese-Russian technical talks in preparation for the meetings of the High Ministerial Committee between the two countries.

The Sudanese side was headed by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Minerals, Dr. Mohammed Said Zain Al Abidin, while the Russian side was headed by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Wealth of Russia.

The head of the Sudanese technical side and the mineral agent confirmed the Sudan’s willingness to enter into new partnerships with the State of Russia and that the spirit of cooperation that prevailed in the meetings reflected the firm desire to implement what was to be signed.

The mineral agent added that technical talks are currently discussing a number of agreements and cartels signed between the two countries.

Noting that technical meetings were formed as subcommittees according to the disciplines and files to be signed, he said that the parties agreed on a number of addresses for outstanding issues on the mineral side.

On his part, the member of the delegation, the ministerial executive director Ahmed Harun, explained that industrial minerals as an economic value found their luck from extensive discussion in the meetings, stressing that the two sides were finalizing the minutes of the meetings in preparation for their submission to the ministerial committee, describing that the understandings between the Sudan and Russia would be reflected in economic and trade relations.

Technical meetings continue on their second day in order to initialize technical agreements and prepare the ground for their submission to the ministerial meeting on Friday.

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