Minister of Finance and Economic Planning meets Kuwaiti Ambassador Khartoum

He met D. Djibril Ibrahim, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, at his office, Ambassador Fahd Al-Zafiri, Ambassador of Kuwait in Khartoum, discussed ways to strengthen Sudanese-Kuwaiti relations and remove all obstacles to Kuwaiti investment in the Sudan.

D ‘ Djibril congratulated the Ambassador on his accreditation in the Sudan. He also greatly thanked the leadership, Government and people of Kuwait for Kuwait’s significant support to the Sudan in a number of areas, noting the Arab Food Security Initiative, in which the Sudan hopes Kuwait will participate effectively.

On his part, the Kuwaiti Ambassador thanked the Minister of Finance for his warm reception, stressing the strength of Sudanese-Kuwaiti relations and affirming that Kuwait’s stand with the Sudan is consistent with the outstanding relations between the two peoples historically and expressing the sympathy of the Kuwaiti people with the Sudan in the flood and rains crisis.

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