Minister of Livestock meets FAO representative in Sudan

The Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Hafiz Ibrahim Abdelnaby, met with his office today the representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the World (FAO) in Sudan, Baba Ghana Ahmadou.

The minister said the meeting dealt with cooperation with the organization in the ministry’s activities and plans in the field of disease control, and praised the organization for providing faxines and vaccines of a large size that helped in the health of the national herd.

The minister added that FAO assists in the preparation of animal statistics and in the field of animal tracking and modern regulations, contributing to the development and development of the livestock sector through which livestock is exported to all countries of the world in accordance with global health requirements.

For his part, the representative of FAO in the Sudan, Baba Ghana Ahmadou, emphasized the joint cooperation between the Ministry and the organization in the development of the livestock sector.

He added that the meeting addressed FAO’s activities in the Sudan and its plan for the year 2020-2023, in which 15 million and 500,000 vaccine doses are conducted to fight transboundary diseases to reduce their spread such as foot and mouth disease and rift valley fever.

Ahmadou said we support the Sudanese government’s efforts in conducting epidemiological surveys and building epidemic detection and early warning systems, in addition to supporting vaccine production, noting the outreach to the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory to settle the vaccine industries in Sudan and benefit from China’s efforts in this area.

The meeting dealt with the development of the fish farming industry and the utilization of aquaculture, and emphasized the development of the capabilities of livestock workers.

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