Ministry of Defense Celebrates Sudan Passing of Aviation Security Audit by ICAO

Minister of Defense Lieutenant General Yassin Ibrahim Yassin has stressed the importance of focusing on integrity and professionalism in order to achieve goals of the safety and security of civil aviation service in the country in accordance with the international standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Yassin said when addressing celebrations of the Civil Aviation Authority of obtaining the certificate of aviation security audit of ICAO that the civil aviation institution has a long history and leadership in the field of aviation, and that passing the audit reflects the dedication and achievement of aviation workers in Sudan.

On his part, the Director General of Civil Aviation, Fakhruddin Osman, affirmed keenness of the Civil Aviation Authority to move forward in rehabilitation and development of the aviation sector in the country, stressing the government’s concern with the civil aviation sector and its development, which encouraged the Civil Aviation Authority to provide a distinguished service that won international satisfaction and enabled it to pass the international aviation security audit.

He praised the companies working in the field of aviation in the country, the academies specialized in the field of aviation and all related institutions.

Osman said that hard work and distinction achieves good reputation, expressing thanks to the Ministry of Defense for its concern with the Civil Aviation Authority and for granting it independence and freedom of decision-making.

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