Opening of Nyala Investment Trade Fair

South Darfur State represented by the Ministry of Finance, Economy and Manpower (Investment Department) completed preparations for the opening of the 8th Nyala Investment Trade Fair on Friday evening 6th of January and runs until 12th of January 2023 year with the participation of 50 companies from the Center and the state under the slogan of Peace Key to Investment and Development.

Salah Omar al-Sheikh, the director of the executing company of the exhibition (Suda Expo), revealed in a press conference the high turnout of factories and local companies at the level of the center with the participation of more than (50) Company including (DAL Group, Ma ‘amun El-Barir, Eli, CTC) Noting the diversity of participation and various products opening the field of investment, Sheikh said that the exhibition includes a direct sale of products at lower prices than the market throughout the exhibition period from 6 to 12 January, along with accompanying programs.

Sheikh promised continued cooperation with finance and investment management to develop the exhibition and business and investment work so that the exhibition is a model of investment and a competitor to the Khartoum International Fair. Sheikh thanked the state government and the region for sponsoring the major economic event.

The representative of the Director General of Finance, Dr. Mohammed Suleiman, noted that the eighth trade show appears in a new dress and praised the efforts of the state government in creating the climate for the exhibition.

Mr. Mohammedin pointed out that the exhibition offers a useful economic product for the state, especially since the state is now moving towards investment. He added that an agreement has been signed with a Saudi investor to implement a number of projects in the state along with another investor who is investing in the cultivation of wheat and corn through pivotal irrigation.

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