Review of 40th session of Khartoum International Fair general features

The Chairman of the Committee of the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism, for participation in the 40th Khartoum International Fair session, Zainab Mohammed Al-Hassan, asserted importance of the ministry’s role towards society and serving the citizens of Khartoum State.

She reviewed the general features of the 40th Khartoum International Fair session, the preparation of Khartoum state for the participation, addressing issues which needs awareness, guidance, and dissemination of the culture of heritage, the art of drawing, handicrafts, with the focusing on the distinguished and attractive tourist field, the state of Khartoum, especially the antiquities and the promotion of public taste.

Meanwhile, the technical committee discussed means for introducing the artistic vision to present diversity in the show and presentation of the achievements of all departments of the ministry, in addition to the content of the ministry’s exhibition, competitions, provision of definitions and services inside the ministruy’s pavilion in Khartoum International Fair and many other attractive components.

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