Stabilize the price of sunflower oils and high sesame prices

The price of sunflower food oil has stabilized in the global market, while the price of sesame oil has risen, according to the Sudan Trade Point.

Indian sunflower oil was $1,430 per metric ton, Argentine $1,430 and Ukrainian $1,150.

The price of a ton of olive oil (Greek) has maintained its price of $ 5 thousand and $135.21.

Sesame oil tonnes increased to alfine and $631.50, according to the Sudanese Trade Point’s Global Prices Daily.

American bean oil was $ 1971, Indian $ 1979.25 per metric ton.

Indian cotton seed oil fell $1419.50.

While coconut oil remains stable at $1763.75.

Palm oil, known as the first two oils, is also $805, the lowest price for the category of oils by the Sudan’s Trade Point for world commodity prices.

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