Sudan participates in Economic and Social Council meetings

The Sudan participated in the meetings of the Economic and Social Council of the League of Arab States at the 110 ordinary session from August 28th to September 1st.

Addressing the Council’s opening meeting, Minister of Finance Dr. Djibril Ibrahim reaffirmed Sudan’s commitment to implementing the Joint Arab Agricultural Investment and Arab Food Security Initiative.

There was strong political will to make available all the Sudan’s agricultural and animal potential to contribute to the security of food and goods for the Sudan and its sister Arab States in order to achieve the objectives of common Arab food security.

For its part, Ms. Heifa Abu-Ghazaleh of the League of Arab States noted the Council’s convening in relative circumstances that directly affect conflict-affected Arab States, requiring new interventions that contribute to the effective realization of the sustainable development agenda 2030.

In the same vein, Dr. Ahmad Al-Nazi, Chairman of the current session, called on our Arab region to attach particular importance to the need for Ukrainian war, which affects the growth of economies and global financing chains and accelerates pressures affecting Arab food security. He said that Arab countries were able to promote economic cooperation and intra-trade and facilitate the transfer of technology.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Jamal Al-Nile, for his part, emphasizes the importance of accelerating the pace of implementation of the resolutions of the Economic and Social Council, particularly those relating to the special agencies of the League of Arab States, including the federations, organizations and ministerial councils that are the League’s active arm, and of Arab States.

On the sidelines of the meetings, the Social Development Agent met with the Director of the Horn of Africa, North Africa and the Sudan at the Arab University. Al-Saban made more positive comments on the project submitted by the Ministry of Social Development on social peace and community stability in conflict-affected states. He affirmed the University’s readiness to promote the project, which contains a number of axes, including the settlement of displaced persons through economic empowerment, rehabilitation, community awareness and the formation of community networks to implement agricultural projects.

The Ministers agreed on a number of draft resolutions, notably the approval of the guiding strategy for the social work profession, the establishment of an Arab heritage centre in Algeria, the Greater Arab Free Trade Area, the Customs Union’s concepts, support for the Palestinian economy and the consolidated Arab address of the Joint Annual Meeting of the Monetary Fund and the International Bank for 2022.The meetings were prepared for the Arab Development Summit at its next session in Mauritania for 2023 and the Arab Summit to be held in Algeria.A memorandum of understanding was signed between the League of Arab States and the Islamic Trade Finance Corporation, a member of the Islamic Development Bank, which allocated US $62 billion to promote trade among Arab States in addition to promoting food security and microenterprises.

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