Sudan participates in the 31st session of the Livestock Summit in France

The Sudan participates with a delegation headed by the Minister of Livestock, Hafiz Ibrahim Abdelnaby, in the 31st session of the Livestock Summit in Clermont, France, from 4 to 7 October, with the participation of the private sector represented by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce.

Mr. Abdelnaby said that the Sudan’s participation in the summit was the second in 31 years, pointing to the participation of more than 80 countries and 1500 companies specializing in the field of livestock.

The Ministry is participating for the first time in an integrated wing that includes opportunities to invest in the livestock sector after Sudan’s absence from participation for more than 31 years.

Hafez confirmed the Ministry’s pursuit of strategic partnerships and transfer of modern technology, stating that discussions would be held with the French Minister of Agriculture, the French Development Agency and the French Chamber of Commerce.

For its part, the Secretary-General of the Confederation of Chambers of Commerce, Dr. Waqaf Salah, stressed the importance of private sector participation in the Summit of France, noting the fruitful cooperation for a paradigm shift in partnerships in accordance with the Public-Private Partnership Act.

She explained that there would be joint cooperation with the French Chamber of Commerce and the organization of a joint forum for the business sector in the two countries and hoped that the outputs would contribute to the country’s economic development.

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