Sudan takes part in Arab Labor Ministers’ Conference in Cairo

Sudan presented a vision for the development of the Arab Labor Organization (ALO) for the period 2023-2027 including addressing the most prominent structural and financial challenges facing the organization, enabling it to enhance its role as one of the tributaries of joint Arab action institutions.

Addressing the 48th Arab Labor Conference organized by the Arab Labor Organization, the Minister of Labor and Administrative Reform Souad Al-Tayib Hassan stressed that this year’s conference came in exceptional and extremely important circumstances, pointing to the crises that affected the capabilities of peoples, which require everyone to see the Arab world united in order to build a prosperous future for the Arab nation in a way that demonstrates to the whole world the ability of the Arabs to take the initiative, face challenges and make the Arab peoples cross to safety. The minister added that the conference has to tackle various important and vital interrelated issues that were in line with the work to anticipate and prepare for the future, including the organization’s report on “Digital Economy and Employment” as well as qualitative items on artificial intelligence, new work patterns, digitization and governance of social protection systems. She praised the organization’s efforts and role in this field and its keenness to choose topics that keep pace with the developments in the labor field on the one hand, and meet the needs of the Arab countries on the other hand.

The Minister of Labor stressed the need to emphasize the desired role in developing the work of the organizationin line with the current challenges facing the Arab region and the aspirations of the Arab citizens in finding decent work and building the necessary capabilities, which Sudan keens to strengthen it by presenting a development vision for the Arab Labor Organization for the period 2023-2027, which includes addressing the most prominent structural and financial challenges facing the organization, in a way that enables it to enhance its role as one of the tributaries of joint Arab work institutions. In a press statement issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Manpower, stating that the 48th session, chaired by the Kingdom of Morocco this year – based on the labor system in Arab labor conferences and attended by the ministers of labor, heads of delegations from employers’ organizations and labor unions from 21 Arab countries, representatives of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States, Arab and international organizations, a number of ambassadors and public figures, discussed issues and challenges facing the labors in the Arab world and came out with recommendations supporting development, economic growth, and providing job opportunities. Meanwhile, the ALO Director-

General Fayiz Al-Mutairi presented the report of the organization entitled “The Digital Economy and Employment Issues”, in which he monitored the impact that digital transformation had on many countries that adopted it and reaped its fruits, presenting a vision of what the Arab countries can achieve in the near future as a result of expansion in the use of digital transformation tools and systems in their economies.

The ALO Director-General’s report put in the hands of the three production parties practical and concrete proposals and recommendations for how to harness these technologies, and take advantage of the huge technical energies and capabilities they provide to advance development, raise economic growth rates, and expand the base of future job opportunities in a way that helps eliminate unemployment or reduce its rates.

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