Sudanese-Egyptian talks on opportunities to invest in electricity and renewable energies

The Minister of Energy and Oil, Eng. Mohamed Abdullahi Mahmoud, and Ambassador Hani Salah of the Arab Republic of Egypt discussed a number of issues, including ways to develop investment partnerships between the two countries in the field of energy.

The Minister supported Egypt’s role and its position with the Sudan in the circumstances of the crises, stating that Egypt possesses extensive experience in the field of investment and advanced technology looking forward to genuine partnerships that maximize the interests of the two countries, saying that we are fully prepared and directed our attention and harnessing all our possibilities to work with some declaring that the environment is ready for investment opportunities.

We welcome the expansion of Egyptian partnerships and investments to make use of the potential in the Sudan in all areas of energy.

The Minister of Energy and Oil stated that the Sudan has become a country looking forward to strategic partnerships that drive the country’s economy, asserting the support of his ministry to create an investment environment so that it can be attractive to investment in the Sudan in the field of alternative energies.

He called on the Egyptian Government through its ambassador to encourage the private sector and businessmen to enter into investment in Sudan, especially in the field of electricity and renewable energies, so as to exchange experiences and benefit from Egypt’s experience in this field and make significant progress.

Ambassador Hani Salah stressed Egypt’s possibilities and capabilities and its desire to move towards the Sudan to enter into partnerships, announcing his country’s interest in the Sudan. He said that we appreciate the position in the Sudan and the importance of support at this critical time and the challenges faced by the Sudan.

We appreciate the aspiration of the Sudanese people to take advantage of electricity. We are encouraged to invest in it. We invited the Minister to attend the energy conference held in mid-February next year in the Republic of Egypt to look for investment opportunities in all areas.

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