Sudanese-Libyan arrangements for establishing strategic economic partnership

Governor of Darfur Region, Arko Minni Menawi, has renewed the government of the region readiness to provide the all facilitations necessary for enabling the Joint Sudanese-Libyan Business Chamber to carry out its role in boosting volume of trade exchange between Sudan and Libya.

Menawi affirmed during a meeting which was held yesterday in Corinthia hotel in Khartoum yesterday and attended by the Chairman of the Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation, Husham Al -sobat the Libyan ambassador to Sudan, Dr Fozi Abdul-Rahim and members of the Joint Sudanese-Libyan Business Chamber led by Mohamed Ahmed Al-Zain readiness to make the necessary coordination with the concerned authorities on arrangements of opening the border crossings and points between Sudan and Libya to facilitate movement of trade between the two countries.

Chairman of the Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation, Husham Al –sobat, indicated to historic relationship between Sudan and Libya and necessity of setting up an economic partnership between the two countries.

He stressed importance of opening the trade crossings between the two countries and addressing the challenges of transport and bank transactions between the two countries.

The Libyan ambassador , for his part, commended the distinguished relations between Sudan and Libya , referring to strong relations between Libyan municipality of Kofra and Darfur states and the Northern State.

He pointed to readiness of the Libyan embassy to facilitate work at the border crossings , extending invitation to the Sudanese side at the Joint Chamber to visit Libya within the two coming weeks to discuss the chamber’s plans on fostering economic relations between the two countries.

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