The country’s finance minister suffers from a shortage and supply covering 40% of the population

Dr. Djibril Ibrahim, Minister of Finance and National Economy, said: “The country has a deficit in electricity supply covering about 40% of the country’s population.

He emphasized the importance of electricity projects in development, noting the State’s endeavour to disseminate electricity to all states of the country.

During the signing ceremony of the contract for the transformative Fula power plant to extend the towns of Babnusa and the volumes through the national grid between the Government of Western Kordofan and China’s XD company, he said that the State was seeking to establish a thermal fula electricity project to cover all states of western Sudan with electricity.

He noted the ongoing efforts with many authorities to raise the country’s electricity production or redouble work to expand existing networks.

The transformative Vole power plant would operate with gas produced from petroleum in Western Kordofan as the lowest cost and fastest construction.

The Minister of Finance explained that his ministry’s public policy focuses on human and physical infrastructure by spending as much as possible on education, health and water services, emphasizing working with public and private sectors and governments to build the basic infrastructure on which future development is built, such as ports, airports, railways, road and electricity projects.

Dr. Djibril revealed that water problems in West Kordofan State had been resolved, affirming the State’s ability to address them. He said that work in the infrastructure in the State was proceeding well, noting that work was continuing on the renovation of the Al-Obeid Al-Khawi Road.

The Minister called on the State’s components to renounce violence and hate speech and to stop fighting, which would only benefit from loss of life and waste of resources.

The Minister of Finance commended the cooperation of the People’s Republic of China with the Sudan and its commitment at the Arab Summit held in Riyadh to expand and develop the relationship with the country in the fields of agriculture, oil and other areas.

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