The fertilizer and pesticide division sounds the alarm

The Division of Pesticide Fertilizer Importers sounded the alarm and revealed shocking information about a significant weakness in the import of fertilizer and agricultural pesticides for this year’s winter season by import companies.

In a press statement, the Secretary-General of the Division promised Mr. Osama Awad the order for a number of reasons, most notably the exit of pesticides from strategic goods.

The crazy rise in the dollar price, difficulty with purchases and transfers, as well as the lack of export earnings.

Earlier, the member of the Sovereign Council and Chairman of the Economic Committee, Ibrahim Jaber Ibrahim, issued a decision to form a higher committee to make the Winter Agricultural Season a success for the year 202‪4_2023بهدف contributing to the inventory and identification of problems and collective consensus to solve them

In the same vein, the Secretary-General has disclosed some companies’ problems of difficulty in certifying exported by manufacturers of their products.

as well as the lack of accurate estimates or statistics of the areas to be cultivated.

The follow-up refers to the formation of a portfolio by the Sovereign Council to provide winter season requirements.

But it did not import or protect one of the needs of the winter season due to a major foreign exchange crisis at the Central Bank of Sudan.

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