The Fifth Oil Grain Conference was held on November 18th

The President of the National Chamber of Exporters, Mr. Omar Bashir Al-Khalifa, said in press statements that the holding of the Fifth Conference of Oil Grains on November 18-19 is part of a series of conferences and exhibitions to be implemented by all sectors issued.

The Conference was similar to global conferences held in China and India. There was an upcoming conference in Ethiopia. The Conference would review eight working papers dealing with the trade and production of sesame and peanuts in China, India, Ethiopia, West and East Africa. For the first time, Japan would participate in a paper on sesame.

Most Chinese and Indian foreign markets, the Middle East market, the Maghreb and Europe markets lose much of their inventories and are less than the size and need of their demand. The country and the competent authorities are currently required to solve internal problems and meet the demands of balancing domestic and global prices so as to facilitate the flow of exports and meet the figures announced by exporters.

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