The Indian Corporate Expo begins with the Chambers of Commerce Tower

The Federation of Chambers of Commerce was launched from November 15-16 with the participation of 13 Indian companies and showcasing various Indian products to importers and the Sudanese public.

The Minister of Trade and Supply, Amal Saleh Saad, referred to the ease of trade between the Sudan and India, indicating that the volume of trade in various fields exceeds $1 billion, indicating that India is one of the main countries from which the Sudan imports sugar, oil grains, spices and fragrances.

The Indian Ambassador BS Mubarak stressed the importance of such exhibitions and trading companies between the two countries, stating that they are useful for trade and cultural trade and in multiple fields, pointing to the participation of 13 Indian companies and business houses, indicating India’s desire to increase the volume of trade.

The exhibition will showcase sugar, rice, medicines and spare parts, workshop equipment and factories, ready-to-wear and fabrics pumps, mixers, balalies, nuts as well as types of well-known Indian spices.

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