The Libyan Sudanese Chamber of Commerce is discussing mechanisms for implementing what has been agreed

A joint meeting between the Board of Directors of the Libyan Joint Sudanese Chamber of Commerce and the Deputy Prime Minister of the Libyan Government of National Unity, Engineer Ramadan Ahmed Abu Jinah, discussed the mechanisms for implementing and activating what was agreed during the talks held in Tripoli today between the Chamber and the various Libyan ministries and agencies and institutions to promote Sudan economic relations.

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Al-Zin, head of the delegation of the Sudanese side of the Libyan Sudanese Chamber of Commerce visiting the State of Libya, explained that the meeting discussed how to activate the recommendations of the Board of Directors meetings and discussions in the official bodies related to Libya in order to develop and develop economic and commercial cooperation relations between the two countries.

These included opening borders and commercial crossings, facilitating exports and imports, removing obstacles to trade flow between the two countries and paying attention to the infrastructure of various means of transport.

Mr. Alzein commended the high level of responsiveness shown by Libya’s Deputy Prime Minister during the meeting to achieve the objectives of the Joint Chamber.

Referring to the authorization of the meeting to recommend and propose the accreditation of the Deputy Prime Minister of Libya as the honorary President of the Chamber, he pointed to the great interaction and concern of all official bodies and the Libyan private sector with efforts to strengthen trade cooperation between the two countries under the auspices and directives of the Libyan Prime Minister of the Government of National UnUnUnity, Engineer AbdAbdul Hamid al-Dubiba.

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