The Minister of Finance actively participates in the funding day of the Climate Summit

Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Djibril Ibrahim Mohamed as a keynote speaker at the Funding Day session of the Arab Republic of Egypt Climate Summit in Sharm el-Sheikh at the generous invitation of the Egyptian Minister of Finance. Mohammed Ma ‘it.

The session was devoted to examining mechanisms for financing communities in situations most affected by climate change in terms of determining appropriate funding to support those communities living on the front lines of climate change. The session also aimed to explore appropriate ways to mobilize international resources through specialized funds and projects that help communities adapt to climate change, strengthen their resistance and reduce their expected losses.

The meeting was moderated by Mr. Sanjeev Kupta, member of the Governing Council and head of finance services of the African Finance Authority.

Mr. Abdel Rahman Al-Hamidi, Director General of the Arab Monetary Fund, and Mr. Albert Mukanga, Commissioner of the African Union for Economic Development, Trade, Industry and Minerals, and Ms. D. Al-Hamidi also participated as keynote speakers. Masaita Kristalin, Adviser to the Minister of Finance of Indonesia.

During his intervention, the Minister focused on the challenges of providing funding to support communities to cope with climate change, which had been evident in the waves of desertification and drought that had hit the Sudan, particularly agricultural, livestock and pasture areas, and which had affected herders’ movement north and south, causing conflict, especially in Darfur.

The Sudan has also been affected by floods over the past years that have displaced citizens and lost their property, for example in Al-Jazeera State.

The effects of climate change should be addressed by the international community for their significant effects on internal displacement and exogenous migration of communities in poor countries affected by climate change.

The Climate Summit continues to hold its sessions through its various events in Sharm el-Sheikh, which will conclude on November 18, 2022.

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