The state of the River Neil uses the energy of the sun

Nile River State has embarked on the shipment of the initial phase of solar power plants from the dam implementation unit warehouses marking their installation in the state’s various localities.

In a press release, the Director of Water of the Nile River State, Mr. Madazir Abdulkader Rahma, stressed the continuity of efforts in the drinking water sector in the state in coordination with the federal units, especially the dam implementation unit.

Engineer Abdulkader noted that the initial phase of installing solar power plants will be in Shandi locality.

The state will celebrate its damaging presence by launching the solar power plant installation project in the presence of the Governor of the Nile River, Prof. Mohammed al-Badawi Abu Qarun.

The Director of the Dam Implementation Unit, Engineer Mohamed Noureddine, had called on state governments to prepare lists of active water plants for inclusion in the plan to replace them with solar energy.

The Director-General of the Dam Implementation Unit, Eng. Mohamed Noureddine, had confirmed that the dam unit was determined to convert all drinking water plants to solar power in two to three years to dismantle drinking water distress and provide stability for communities, especially in remote areas of Nile water sources.

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