The Sudan-Russia Ministerial Committee concludes its work in Moscow

The Sudan-Russia Inter-Ministerial Committee concluded its work today in Moscow, where the Sudanese and Russian sides signed the minutes of the meetings of the two countries’ Joint Ministerial Committee at its seventh session, which included a number of agreements and joint cooperation cartels.

Minerals Minister Mohammed Bashir Abdullah signed on the Sudanese side, while the Russian Minister of Environment and Mineral Wealth signed on the Russian side.

The conventions included cooperation in the economy, agriculture, trade, industry, tourism, transport, communications, energy, mining, geology and higher education.

Minister of Minerals Mohammed Bashir, head of the Sudanese side, stressed the relations between the two States and that the Sudan has the potential to create partnerships with its regional and international surroundings.

The head of the delegation reaffirmed the Sudanese Government’s affirmation of cooperation with the international family in accordance with the interests of its people and its endeavour to develop, lead and develop the economy.

He also praised the role of the people of the Sudan at home and abroad working for the country’s lift, demanding that the Russian side accelerate its pace in order to implement the agreements signed.

For its part, the Minister of the Environment and the Russian Mineral Wealth has a history of cooperation between the Sudan and the Russian Federation Republic. The Ministerial Committee considers the two sides to be one of the seminars that serve economic and strategic cooperation.

Russia’s readiness to implement the following protocols and agreements, particularly in the field of infrastructure rehabilitation, in order to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries, based on the expansion of trade, economic and scientific trade.

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