Turkish bank intends to increase its capital in Sudan

The Turkish Ziraat Bank revealed its intention to raise the capital of its branch in Sudan and to enter into new investments in the Sudanese agricultural sector.

The General Manager of the bank Amatin Ozdam said that the most important objectives of increasing the capital of the Sudan branch were to engage in financing new agricultural projects by focusing on cash crops, pointing to the depth of the historical relations between the two countries.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Jibril Ibrahim stressed, during his meeting on at his office with the delegation of the Turkish Ziraat Bank headed by its General Manager and with the participation of the Director of the Sudan branch, the government’s commitment to overcoming all obstacles that hinder Turkish projects in Sudan in accordance with the investment act, in addition to the concern in attracting more investments to the agricultural sector and building new successful partnerships that benefit both sides.

The minister directed coordination between Ziraat Bank and the Central Bank of Sudan to complete the required banking procedures, praising the seriousness of Ziraat Bank in continuing its business in Sudan by establishing its own headquarters and raising its capital to expand its financing activity in the country.

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