Various areas of Sudanese and American private sector cooperation

The Secretary-General of the Sudanese Employers’ Union d. Amin Abbas Mahmoud has extensive opportunities in various fields for economic, investment and trade cooperation between the private sector of the Sudan and the United States, especially in the energy, oil, gas and agriculture sectors, in the interest of both sides and contributing to the strengthening and development of relations between the two countries.

During his meeting with the Office of the Federation, the Secretary-General called on the Deputy Head of the Political and Economic Section of the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum, Mr. Adams, and the Assistant Economic Attaché of Embassy Justin King, to work jointly to create an environment of cooperation between the private sector of the two countries by facilitating bank transfers to facilitate and develop commercial activity and the private sector of the two countries.

Dr. Amin Abbas Mahmoud expressed during the meeting in the presence of the President of the Sudanese-American Friendship Association Sami Al-Jaali and the Director General of the Employers’ Union, Mr. Abubakar Mohamed Nur, the aspirations and desire of the Sudanese side to create direct strategic relations with the private sector in the United States States.

Besides the importance of the return and resumption of cultural, educational and academic cooperation between the Sudan and the United States.

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