Biden’s technical blockade of China reduces its options

The United States has tightened its attack on China’s technology industry by banning exports and stifling restrictions on companies in an escalation that has left Beijing with no options to respond.

China’s movement has declined and its ability to purchase semiconductor chip manufacturing devices from abroad has declined.

According to a Japan Times report, Washington’s moves are part of a longer strategy to prevent China from dominating future industries and arming its military with advanced weapons.

This strategy also ensures that the United States secures its technical supply chain by enticing chip manufacturers to establish branches in the United States.

“This week, the Biden administration stepped up efforts to block its first geopolitical rival by blacklisting dozens of Chinese tech companies, while indications emerged that Japan and the Netherlands were biased over U.S. restrictions on the sale of chip manufacturing equipment to China in a blow to China’s ambitions to produce advanced semiconductors.”

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