6 tourists, including a woman, on a space flight

The American company “Blue Origin” has set the date for the start of its rocket launch, a viewing that will include (6) passengers, including the first-born woman in Mexico to go to space.

The United Nations space agency in space having trouble deciding whether to confront the ships, she is Evan Dick and Katia Echezarreta.She will be among the six tourists on the flight, Katia Ichasarita, who was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. It aims to make space flights available to everyone, and she was chosen from among seven thousand candidates.

The designated missile will carry its passengers beyond the Karman Line, which is the boundary between the earth and space spheres according to internationally approved standards, and is located at an altitude of (100) kilometers, and will last for ten days.

Passengers will be allowed to unfasten their seat belts and detach from their seats to float for a few moments in weightlessness and enjoy the view of the Earth from space through large windows.

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